Run Sample App

Register as a Yuneec Developer

Join the developer community at Yuneec's developer portal.

As part of the registration process, we'd like to better understand you and your projects so please fully complete all the required questions.  This will help us to provide better support and align future features to cater to popular applications.

Generate App Key

Every mobile application requires an unique app key to initialize the SDK and validate it for use.

To create an app key for an application:

  1. Go to the User Dashboard.
  2. Click the "Create" button under Create An Application.
  3. Enter the name, platform, package identifier, category, and brief description of the app.
    • For iOS, the package identifier is the Bundle Identifier.
    • For Android, the package identifier is the Package Name.
  4. Click on 'Save and publish' 
  5. Click on the app activation email, which is sent after the app key is successfully generated.
  6. Your app key will be displayed under your newly-created app.
  7. Cut & paste the key into your application.

Configure iOS App

Note: This step is currently not needed.

The Bundle ID of the application should be provided when registering an app key.  This step is currently not needed to run the sample app.


Configure Android App

Note: This step is currently not needed.

Open your Android Studio project and look for the code snippet below in AndroidManifest.xml.  Copy and paste your app key into the 'android:value' field.  Make sure that the 'appname' field corresponds with the Bundle ID/ Package Name that was used to register the app.

    ADD API_KEY HERE and make sure you
    are connected to the Internet before
    the app is launched
android:value="0123456789" />


Run Mobile App

  1. Download the iOS sample app or Android sample app from our Github repositories.
  2. Setup your development environment in XCode or Android Studio, and follow the instructions in Integrate SDK as necessary.
  3. Build the sample application on an iOS or Android device. 
  4. Connect to a supported Yuneec drone directly via the camera Wi-Fi (limited range), or connect the device with a USB cable to the ST16 (in repeater mode) or ST10C controller for longer range.
  5. Run the sample app on your device.