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Telemetry class in the SDK provides listeners to get various information such as:

  1. Battery level of the drone
  2. Flight mode
  3. GPS info
  4. Health of the drone
  5. RC Status
  6. Ground speed and many more

Please refer the API documentation for more information about various features provided by Telemetry class. The follow code snippet demonstrates how to register to Battery listener in Telemetry class and get call backs regarding the battery level of the drone. 

public static void registerBatteryListener ( final Context context )
       Telemetry.BatteryListener batteryListener = new Telemetry.BatteryListener ( )
            public void onBatteryCallback ( Telemetry.Battery battery ) {
               // Handle the result
               Log.d ( TAG, 
               String.format ( "%d", ( int ) ( 100 * battery.remainingPercent ) ) );
      Telemetry.setBatteryListener ( batteryListener );

Similarly, you can register to various listeners and get callbacks. Also remember to unregister the listeners when no longer needed in the app.