Mobile SDK


Developers have access to a rich set of features of the drone platform through the Mobile SDK. Features include access to the flight control, camera, camera settings, gimbal control, real-time telemetry data, waypoint missions, and live video stream. Future features will include advanced missions, additional telemetry, Intel RealSense controls, and support for FPV (first-person view) video.

Flight Control

Developers have three different methods to control the drone flight via the Yuneec Mobile SDK:

  • Manual Mode: With the mobile device connected to the ST16 remote controller (via USB), the user is still able to manually control the drone with the physical joysticks.
  • Virtual Remote Sensing Technology: The SDK includes off board controls which allow the mobile device to control the drone flight with virtual joysticks on the screen.
  • Mission Mode: This is an advanced control method which allows you to pre-set the flight path using waypoints and configure actions and parameters for each point, such as taking photos or recording video. The autonomous mission is uploaded to the drone and can be paused and resumed if necessary during flight.

Camera & Gimbal Control

The SDK provides a simplified interface to control the camera and gimbal separately:

  • Camera Mode: Select either Photo Mode (camera) or Video Mode (video recording) and control media capture events (take photos, start/stop recording).
  • Exposure Settings: Parameters such as white balance can be adjusted to achieve the right exposure.
  • Image Parameters: Control image quality based on parameters such as image size, format, and resolution.
  • Video Parameters: Control video quality based on parameters such as video size, format, and frame rate.
  • Orientation: Select the camera shooting direction by adjusting the pitch and yaw angles of the gimbal.

Live Video Feed

Developers can acquire the raw video feed (720p) from the drone's front-facing camera in real-time over RTSP.

Aircraft Status

The drone transmits real-time telemetry data continuously to the mobile device running the SDK, after a successful connection. Developers can subscribe to updates they want which include GPS position of current and home locations, ground speed, flight and link status, drone and camera attitude, battery component info, and overall health status.

Remote Media Access

The Mobile SDK allows developers to remotely download media (photos and videos) from the drone without having to physically remove the SD card and perform a copy.

Remote Telemetry

Developers can access flight logs in real-time (vs. post flight) directly through the SDK without having to connect the drone to the PC or transferring them from the ST16 controller.

ST16 Remote Controller

Android apps running on the ST16 hardware can access ST16 specific functionality through the SDK:

  • Notifications for switches and buttons.
  • Subscribe to GPS position of remote controller
  • Pair/Unpair RC 2.4 GHz RC link.


The Mobile SDK supports iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) wrappers. For the iOS development environment in Xcode, we provide easy integration of the C++ library framework using Carthage. For Android and iOS application development please see the SDK Integration section of the Development Workflow.

New platforms such as PC and Mac can be readily supported by adding wrappers in the native OS. Please contact us if you have any requests for other platforms or would like to contribute SDK wrappers for them.