The SDK supports Yuneec's commercial line of drones. The commercial drone systems are compatible with Yuneec E series and CGOET gimbal cameras that include a high-resolution 4K UHD camera, a thermal camera, and medium focal length camera for commercial applications.


Before using the Mobile SDK, it will be helpful to understand the components and technologies of the hardware equipment.



The H520 is the first drone released to support our SDK for commercial applications. Designed for enhanced reliability and stability, it features six rotors with a 5-rotor failsafe and a larger airframe and improved motors. The H520 has also been upgraded with a brand new flight control platform which allows for precise control and better performance, and higher capacity batteries to increase the overall flight time. It is the ideal platform for the SDK to enable industrial applications.

Below are the key modules of the drone that directly relate to the SDK.

H520 Specs


The drone integrates various sensors including GPS receivers, compass (magnometer), IMU (accelerometer, gyroscope), ultrasonic, and barometer (pressure) sensors to make sense of the environment and flight conditions. To ensure safe and stable flight, sensors are used to collect real-time flight status and assist the flight control system in responding to real-time inputs.





The E90 camera is a wide-angle, high resolution, gimbal stabilized imaging system perfectly suited for use in applications that require high-quality photo and video. The E90 utilizes a 20 MP 1-inch sensor and the latest H2 high-speed image processing chip.

The E50 camera is a medium focal length, high resolution, gimbal stabilized imaging system perfectly suited for use in inspection or broadcast applications. The E50 utilizes a high aperture 1/2.3 inch CMOS imager that is capable to capture still images with 12 MP resolution. 

The CGOET is an innovative combination of a thermal imaging and a low light camera with a 3-axis gimbal, capable of a continuous 360° rotation.

The E10T thermal imaging and low light camera was especially designed for the YUNEEC H520. Incorporating a thermal resolution of 320 x 256 pixels, the E10T takes high-quality pictures and also detects more low-light detail than the naked eye with the help of its large RGB sensor.


Attached to the drone, the 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal provides balance and stability for the camera to capture high-quality, crisp images. The gimbal also allows for adjustment in both the tilt and pan directions, and can be rotated through an unlimited, 360° range of motion.

Remote Controller ST16SST16S Breakdown

The ST16S Ground Station is an integrated transmitter, receiver, and Android platform that gives you full control over the drone, allowing you to easily program autonomous missions and view real-time telemetry data and video footage of your flight, eliminating the need for an external device. It also acts as a repeater (via USB) for mobile apps running the SDK to use the long-range wireless transmission capabilities.

Remote Controller ST10C

The ST10C remote controller (RC) allows for manual flight of the vehicle. The iOS device can connect to the remote controller to communicate with the vehicle. Once connected, it can receive the live video stream from the camera and also control the gimbal.

The mobile device can be connected to the controller via a USB connector. The remote controller has buttons and sticks that control the vehicle via the 2.4GHz Zigbee link.

The images below illustrates different controls of the ST10C RC. Control sticks are used for controlling the direction of the flight of the vehicle.

RC Controls



ST10C Controls


Airframe Weight (with battery) 1633g 
Battery LiPo  5250mAh
Charger SC4000-4H
Compatible Cameras E90, E50, CGOET, E10T
Flight Time Up to 28 minutes (based on payload weight)
Hover Accuracy Horizontal +/- 1.5M; Vertical +/- 0.5M
Maximum Altitude 16404FT (5000M)
Maximum Climbing Speed 4M/S
Maximum Descending Speed 2.5M/S
Maximum Flying Height 400FT (122M) Agl (Restricted by FAA)
Maximum Lifting Capacity 1.1Lbs, 17.6oz (500g)
Maximum Roll Angle 35°
Maximum Rotation Speed 120°/S
Maximum Speed (Angle) 38MPH (17M/S)
Size 20.5"x18"x12.2" (520x457x310mm)
Storage Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Take Off Weight payload ~4.2 Lbs
Transmitter ST16S and ST10C Personal Ground Station

Supported Drones



Realsense Interface


H520 WiFi Module

The H520 uses the WiFi link on the camera to exchange MAVlink messages and send the video stream. If the camera is removed to mount a custom payload, the communication link to the ground station is lost.  Therefore, the ground station cannot send or receive any data (such as MAVlink commands) to/from the vehicle.

Yuneec offers a WiFi module to enable the WiFi link to a ground station.

WiFi module

WiFi module

After mounting the WiFi module on the drone and powering on, the ground station can connect to the AP SSID starting with "E50". The password is "1234567890". Full data connectivity is enabled with the ground station including mission upload/download, mission commands and telemetry.  Currently, there is no physical interface to connect with an external payload.