This document is intended for developers looking to build mobile applications on the Yuneec drone platform and technologies using the Yuneec Mobile SDK.  To fully understand the topics, developers should have prior experience creating mobile apps on iOS or Android.

The document provides instructions to get you started quickly, guides and sample code to help you along the way, and tutorials to test and deploy your app.  You'll also learn more about the supported products, SDK components, and features provided by the Mobile SDK.  If you'd like to skip the tutorials, you can jump to the API reference links to find descriptions of the API functions.


These are the drones supported by the Mobile SDK and an overview of the Mobile SDK with its key features.

Getting Started

We recommend that you run the Sample Application we have provided. It will give you a basic understanding of the different parts of the SDK and how it works, as well as sample code of how it's integrated into the app.

Guides for iOS and Android

Detailed information about the SDK components and how to integrate them into your app.

iOS SDK Components:

Android SDK Components:

Development Workflow

Here is an explanation of the entire process to develop with the SDK, from preparing the hardware and software tools, to deploying your app. Make sure you follow these steps closely.

Test & Debug App

These are descriptions of various testing options to help debug your app before going live.

API Reference


For frequently asked questions from other developers, click here.