SITL Testing For Mac

SITL Testing For Mac

The instructions below have been tested on macOS 10.12.

  1. Install XCode from the Mac app store. Then install the command line tools in a new terminal.
    xcode-select --install
  2. Verify that Homebrew is installed. If not, follow the directions in the link.
  3. Install Gazebo, a 3D simulation environment for drone, Also install Xquartz.
    brew cask install xquartz
    brew tap osrf/simulation
    brew update
    brew install gazebo7
  4. Install OpenCV
    brew install opencv
  5. Download the SITL installation package for Mac.
  6. Run the simulation
    • Use the included bash script to start the simulation environment:
      cd Yuneec-SITL-simulation-Mac/
    • If you want to test without the 3D simulator, use:

      HEADLESS=1 ./typhoon_sitl.bash


    • To test if the simulation works, type the following commands in the pxh> shell.

      • commander takeoff

      • commander land