E90 Modification

Connect USB to Ethernet dongle on E90

This page introduces how to rework the E90 camera to connect an USB-to-Ethernet dongle.  This is typically for applications such as FPV or remote command & control that want to use a datalink other than Wifi.

There are two USB ports on the E90: an external port that works as a slave and an internal port works as host. The USB host port is connected to a WiFi device by default. If you want the host port to connect to another USB device, the WiFi device needs to be disconnected first.

Hardware Rework:

1. Disconnect WiFi device by removing the resistor in the red rectangle. 

2. Connect the USB device: connect a USB device to test points in the green rectangle.

WiFi board


















Kernel Driver Support

The latest E90 firmware loads the smsc95xx USB-to-Ethernet driver by default. It also supports USB2Ethernet drivers AX8817X, AX88179_178A, and NET1080.  If you would like to use another driver, please send a request to techsupport@yuneec.com.

Supported Dongles

This dongle has been tested and verified to work.