Remote Controller


The ST10C remote controller (RC) allows for manual flight of the vehicle. The iOS device can connect to the remote controller to communicate with the vehicle. Once connected, it can receive the live video stream from the camera and also control the gimbal.

The mobile device can be connected to the controller via a USB connector. The remote controller has buttons and sticks that control the vehicle via the 2.4GHz Zigbee link.

The MFiAdapter framework provides APIs for communication between the vehicle and RC, and also between the RC and mobile device. The RC linked to the vehicle will be able to receive feedback from the vehicle and also pass the information to the connected mobile device. Please refer to the MFiAdapter section to get more information about the framework.

ST10C Controls

The images below illustrates different controls of the ST10C RC. Control sticks are used for controlling the direction of the flight of the vehicle.

RC Controls



ST10C Controls


To update ST10C firmware, put the update.lzo file on a USB drive and insert it into the ST10C. Then press camera button once and the other small black button on the left four times while still holding the camera button. You should hear a repeated beep. Once the update is complete, the beep will end.