Supported MAVLink Messages

Supported mavlink messages

Listed below are all messages, commands and parameters which are supported by H520 through plain mavlink.

Note that it is highly recommended to use the Yuneec SDK instead of plain/raw mavlink because of various issues and quirks that you can run into which are internally handled by the SDK.

An exception to this would be an existing application which already communicates using mavlink and doesn't need a lot of changes to work with H520.

It is up to the reader to figure out how to use these mavlink messages and commands and we simply refer to the mavlink docs.

In general, if anything is unclear from the notes below, it makes sense to inspect the Dronecode SDK source which is the underlying software of the Yuneec SDK.

General infos


  • To connect you need to be on camera's wifi network and have an IP from to
  • UDP datagrams containing one or more mavlink messages are sent on:
    • port 14550 which is primarily used by DataPilot
    • port 14540 which is used by the SDK or can be used by manually as described here.



Telemetry messages

Listed below are some of the messages sent by the autopilot:



  • COM_LED_MODE (0: LEDs Off, 1: LEDs On, 2: Front LEDs Off)
  • RTL_RETURN_ALT (altitude above home in meters to return at on RTL)


Telemetry messages



Telemetry messages



Parameters / Camera definition

The cameras are implemented according to the mavlink camera definition where a xml file specifies the possible parameters/settings.